Rick Rogers Passes Away

Long time Trucker Buddy and Ambassador Rick Rogers passed away on May 10th.  He was a great Trucker Buddy to his the classes of elementary school students from across the country and a fine family man.  Rick also was a founding member of Trucker Charity, a  non-profit that helps other truck drivers in need. We will all miss him.

Donations should be sent to his mother at:

Karen Rogers
P.O. Box 25
Chilton, WI  53014

For more information on how you can donate to his family go to:


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2 Comments on “Rick Rogers Passes Away”

  1. Ingrid Brown aka Halfpint Says:

    Rick I can’t seem to get rid of your message the day you dad passed nor before or after. You were always my lil brother, ornery thing lol. (Randy ya gotta share I have a guardian Angel brother too now). Your laughter and jokes over the last many years still ring in my head and if only once I could hear ya pick on me again it would seem we could let you go! You ARE a special young man and we are blessed to have you. Yep you aren’t gone just waiting! You meet me at the truck at the gates when I get there just so I can aggrevate you! Thank you for who you are and will be!!! Miss you lil stinker!!! Hugs from your big sister!!! And your sappy sis has a special alligator tear just for ya!!

  2. james malone Says:

    i had the pleasure to talk with rick many times and was even more grateful when he joined the ambassador program. he was a great person and cared for so much in the program and was always willing to lend a hand when it came to the ambassadors. Rick we will miss you james

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