Lesia Hughey Named Outstanding Teacher

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Doug Feathers, a driver for Waggoneers Trucking was matched with Lesia Hughey a 3rd grade teacher at New Dimensions Charter School of Morgantown, NC. He has nominated her for the Outstanding Teacher Award.

Doug Feathers tells us why they feel she deserves the award.

When I’m able to visit the class they show me a map of the United 
States that’s in their classroom and the student’s track my 
movement on the map by my letters and postcards they receive. 
Ms. Hughey and I try to coordinate when they are learning about 
different subject such a s history or math so I can try and find post-
cards that pertain to that particular subject. I’m not able to get 
by the school as much as I wish but when I do the students, 
teachers, and principal always welcome me with a smile. 

II drive a truck that carries cars so when I visit the students I’m able to show them how the cars are loaded in my truck. They are always amazed with how the cars are put in the trailer. Ms. Hughey gets the students write to me at least once a month so I’m able to keep up with changes going on in the class and all the new subjects they are learning.


‘Trucker Buddies’ send postcards to students

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Trucker Buddy was recently featured in an article in the Standard Examiner. We are very proud of our Trucker Buddies Kevin and Joy Kocmitch, as well as Shirlene Miller’s 2nd grade class for being great examples of what Trucker Buddy International is all about.

Trucker Buddies of the Month 2012 Honored at MATS

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Twelve “Trucker Buddy of the Month” recipients were honored at a news conference March 22 as part of the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Several were present to talk about “their” kids and what it means 
to participate in the program.

Executive Director Randy Schwartzenburg opened the assembly
by announcing that the Trucker Buddy program is entering its 
22nd year and now has over 2,100 drivers and 2,200 teachers participating.

The program serves over 60,000 school children, he said. Schwartzenburg also touted the organization’s “Trucking Mentor” program, which provides safe-driving instruction to high school 
students to prepare them to share the road with the commercial 
vehicles they will encounter.

K.C. Brau, Trucker Buddy president, proudly handed out the 
plaques as Schwartzenburg announced each monthly winner 
and highlighted their accomplishments.

Four of the recipients were present to receive their awards.

Another two were one the way when delayed by truck breakdowns
, according to Schwartzenburg.

June awardee Todd Fisher, also a Trucker Buddy “Ambassador,” 
talked about his second grade class of students at Aurora 
Elementary School in Aurora, Neb.

He discussed how he worked with teacher Pam Grady to keep 
the students informed of his whereabouts and bring them 
information about the geographic areas he visits. Fisher drives 
for Mast Trucking.

October recipient Larry Huguenard, representing Cliff 
Viessman Inc., accepted his award for his association with 
teacher Cory Hyslop’s fifth grade class at Oakdale Elementary 
School in Rock Hill, S.C.

Mike Cunningham of Walmart Transportation was the 
November recipient. He shares a special relationship with the 
teacher from Hayes Grade Center in Ada, Okla., since she 
happens to be his wife, Sharon.

December recipient Bruce Wehner spoke last, telling of how 
he brought samples of cotton plants to first and second grade 
students of teacher Rose Wenzel at the Assumption BVM 
Catholic School in Pulaski, Wis.

“Being close to Green Bay,” he said, “I knew they’d never 
seen cotton growing, so I just brought them a few plants.”

Wehner’s wife, Donita, was on hand to help him celebrate the award.

Winners who were not present at the event included

• January: Roy Sewell, Intercity Lines, representing Michele Chilenski’s third-grade class at Olde Sawmill Elementary, Dublin, Ohio.

• February: Robert Costa of Clark Transfer, representing Mrs. Leslie Wolf’s third-grade class at Robert L. Forbuss Elementary in Las Vegas, Nev.

• March: Steve Gilbert, Walmart Transportation, representing Mrs. Poulous kindergarten through third grade class at Fallbrook Street School in Fallbrook, Calif.

• April: Frank Silio of Publix Foods Transportation Group, representing Lenae Herman’s Delprado Elementary School, Boca Raton, Fla.

• May: Dave Baker of Baker and Sons, representing teacher Susan Bailey’s second-grade class at South Hope Elementary in Oregon, Mo.

• July: Mike Mattingly of Mercer Transportation, representing Carla Eutsler’s fourth through sixth grade class at Friendship Village School, Friendship, Maine.

• August: Stuart Goldbert of Averitt Express, representing teacher Jocelyn Murphy-Stout at Egg Harbor City Community School, Egg Harbor, N.J.

• September: Sherryll Byrd of United Van Lines, representing teacher Carole Sylvester’s second-grade class at Oak Grove School, Ojai, Calif.

Randolph Boswell Chosen Ambassdor of the Year 2013

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Randolph Boswell, a driver for Southern
Refrigerated Transport, Texarkana, AR , was selected as the
Darrell Hicks Memorial Ambassador of the Year for the year
2013 by Trucker Buddy International. The award was presented
at the Red Eye Radio Party at Mid-America, March 21st.

Boswell has been an active Trucker Buddy for over 7 years and
an Ambassador for almost 5 years.

“Randy has been an excellent Ambassador for Trucker Buddy.
He’s sacrificed his time and energy to help us recruit other
drivers into the program and to represent Trucker Buddy at key
industry trade shows. Randy and another driver have worked the
Charlotte Diesel Show for three years, as well as the Mid-America
Trucking Show, using his own vacation-time to promote Trucker Buddy.

“Without the help of Ambassadors like Randy, we simply could not fulfill our mission to improve the image of drivers and encourage over 60,000 students to excel in school each year. And it’s important to note the generous assistance of motor carriers like Southern Refrigerated which route the ambassadors to the shows – they’re such valuable partners in our efforts,” said Randy Schwartzenburg – Executive Director.

Ambassadors are seasoned and veteran Trucker Buddies who feel the need to help Trucker Buddy by working trade show booths, recruiting drivers at truck stops and offering meaningful suggestions to help improve the program.

Named for the late Darrell Hicks, long time Trucker Buddy, Board Member and Ambassador, the award is bestowed upon select individuals and are selected by K.C. Brau, President of Trucker Buddy, and John Waldvogel, Head Ambassador for Trucker Buddy.


Trucker Buddy Class Visit

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Trucker Buddy and Board of Director’s member James Malone visited the Quarry Lane Elementary 3rd grade class in Dublin, CA. James Malone drives for Tyson Foods. Tiffany Marquez, the school’s Communications Representative discussed the visit. “While James was here, we also had a visit from a California Highway Patrol Officer. Together, they explained the safeties of the road- both as drivers and as passengers. The students (as well as parents who came for this presentation) had the opportunity ask any questions that they had about being on the road, driving, working, etc.”


Trucker Buddy the Cowpoke way

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Bob Martin, an ex-Trucker Buddy talks about his experience with his school on his Landline Blog.




Uncle Darrell Hicks Honored

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Uncle Darrell has been a faithful and hard-working person for Trucker Buddy since is was formed and now we had a priviledge of honoring him at the Fall TMC meeting.  Congrats Uncle Darrell